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MESSAGE & MEDITATION "Freedom Comes with Responsibility You Know" by Rev. Kelly Isola [Guest Speaker] - July 4th, 2021


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“Freedom Comes with Responsibility You See”

 Rev. Kelly Isola, Guest Speaker


Generally we think of freedom as release from restraint, burden. In Unity we may think of freedom as releasing error thoughts or lightening our load. We like to claim our freedom, but freedom from what or whom? And while there are certainly times when it is necessary to dismantle bonds or entanglements to regain the health of freedom, mostly, when we can put things together instead of taking things apart, we are offered a way to befriend what is timeless and enduring. Perhaps our challenge is to look to the bottom of what-is, rather than to keep searching for what needs releasing. At any moment, we can feel shuttered or free, we can separate further or belong to each other. When we can accept that we are not alone, freedom becomes more of a dance among the living



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