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Prayer Chaplains

Prayer Chaplain Description

Prayer Chaplains are individuals who are committed to the ministry of prayer at Unity of Arlington.  Prayer Chaplains pray with others on monthly calls made to members, at the end of each service and at other times as requested.

Prayer Chaplain Commitment

  • Time Commitment for one year of service
  • Praying during Sunday services as needed.
  • Calling members from church office two hours monthly.
  • Attending monthly 1 1/2 hour training meeting.
  • Participating in the annual intensive training including one weekend training retreat.

Conduct and Responsibilities

  • Maintain a personal prayer habit, acknowledging God/Divine Nature and your Divine Identity.
  • Faithfully honor your time commitments and assignments as a Prayer Chaplain.
  • Pray with others, aloud and in your private times of prayer.
  • Communicate regularly with your Prayer Chaplain Team Leaders and reply promptly to communications from them.
  • Attend mandatory orientation, training sessions, and monthly training meetings.  Be prepared, be punctual and actively participate in all discussions.
  • Maintain active membership in your spiritual community and regularly attend Sunday services.
  • Cultivate a habit of empathically listening.
  • Maintain careful confidentiality in team gatherings and when praying with others.
  • Follow training instructions for mandatory notifications and professional referrals.
  • Abide by the Prayer Chaplain Code of Ethics
  • Practice Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love

In times of conflict, Prayer Chaplain remains neutral and always holds the “high watch,” holds sacred space and stands strong in Unity Principles

The Prayer Chaplain ministry is an extension of pastoral services provided by the minister.

A Prayer Chaplain, upholds the spiritual intentions of those prayed with during their times of vulnerability and seeking. A Prayer Chaplain agrees to be present and prepared to pray.  

Unity and Prayer

Since the beginning of the Unity movement, affirmative prayer has been the keystone of the organization’s growth.

In 1886 Charles and Myrtle Fillmore attended a lecture given by Dr. E. B. Weeks. Myrtle Fillmore walked out of the meeting repeating over and over again the idea she heard that “I am a child of God and therefore do not inherit sickness." 
She had been diagnosed before that with a terminal disease and told she had only months to live. This simple affirmative prayer led to a complete healing for her (she lived 40 more years) and a turn-around in Charles’s financial and business affairs.

Affirmative prayer has been the heart of Unity since those early beginnings. Silent Unity has received missions of prayer requests over the years, and most importantly, thousands of positive results have been experienced in the lives of people making those requests.

Silent Unity continues its prayer vigil and the Unity Centers, Ministries, and Study Groups have expanded this affirmative prayer work into the communities all over the world.

Prayer Chaplains at Unity of Arlington continue the work that Charles and Myrtle Fillmore started over 100 years ago and bringing the healing that can be experienced with affirmative prayer into our community.

For more information on becoming a Prayer Chaplain, please contact the Prayer Chaplain Co-Leads, NaOra Horton at NaOraH@aol.com or Rebecca Rickey at rebecca.rickey@yahoo.com