Lay Ministers

Lay Ministry

Lay Ministers are visibly identified members of the community who respond to the needs of persons through listening, prayer, and connecting people to other resources within Unity of Arlington and the larger community. They work in partnership with other Lay Ministers and the Spiritual Leader/Minister.

For additional information, please contact Rev. Anne Tabor.

Becoming a Lay Minister at Unity of Arlington requires completion of specified training modules as outlined below.  It also requires one to develop and demonstrate proficiency in each of these areas:

Unity Principles

Answering the Call

  •      What it means to be a Lay Minister
  •      Commitment and Dedication


Mission & Ministry

  •      Developing a Personal Mission Statement
  •      Choosing a Personal Ministry within Unity of Arlington


Community Building

  •      Skills for building community within the lay ministry program and with the community


Pastoral Care

  •      Pastoral Care theory and technique
  •      Professional limitations and boundaries
  •      Legal issues
  •      Self Care


Unity History

  •      Prayer & Meditation
  •      Affirmative Prayer
  •      Meditation Practices
  •      Conflict Resolution - Includes Active Listening Skills
  •      Compassionate Communication Introduction and Deepening Skills


Lay Ministers at Unity of Arlington hold themselves to a high standard of accountability.