Newsletter for July 29, 2022

WEEKLY AFFIRMATION - "I bless myself when I let go and let God."

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The Power of Understanding:
The ability to know, comprehend, and spiritually "see."
"My understanding of Truth deepens and directs my life."
July 29, 2022
~Weekly Affirmation~
"I bless myself when I let go and let God."
A Positive Path for Spiritual Living
Sunday Services
11:00 AM Celebration Service
*Facebook Live and YouTube
Rev. Anne Tabor
Senior Minister
3525 S. Bowen Road
Arlington, TX 76016
Knowing we are One, we celebrate peace,
compassion, and equality for all.
We empower people to live thriving spiritual lives.
Upcoming Services
Sunday, July 31, 2022
“Action! Action! Action!” 
11am CT, Dr. Tracy Brown, RScP, Guest Speaker
Hybrid Service (online and in-person)
Sunday, August 7, 2022
“We All Live Downstream” 
11am CT, Rev. Lari Goold, Guest Speaker
Hybrid Service (online and in-person)
Sunday, August 14, 2022
“You're Soaking In It!” 
11am CT, Rev. Anne Tabor
Hybrid Service (online and in-person)
*Safety Protocols for In-Person:
  • Proof of vaccination with booster - no mask required.
  • Without proof of vaccination - KN95 mask required.
  • 50% occupancy. FCFS.
  • We use a large pink dot sticker to indicate an individual’s willingness to hug.
  • Our Youth & Family Ministry remains paused for in-person gatherings until further notice.
  • Please watch online if you're not feeling well.
Mike Garvey will be performing fifteen minutes of fabulous prelude music on our livestream from the sanctuary this Sunday at 10:45am, CT!
“Action! Action! Action!”
Sunday, July 31, 2022
11am CT, Dr. Tracy Brown, RScP, Guest Speaker
Hybrid Service (online and in-person)
When you no longer allow fear, doubt or worry to hold you back, you live life differently. Unity's fifth principle reminds us that "Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not enough. We must live them." Tracy will encourage us to show up, stand up and speak up for a life that demonstrates spiritual principle in action.
About Dr. Tracy:
Since 1986 Tracy Brown has used universal spiritual principles to infuse her life with peace and joy. Dr. Donald Curtis was her first New Thought teacher and Unity Dallas was her first New Thought spiritual home. Her personal motto is “You Always Have a Choice.” Living the principles of New Thought in every aspect of life is her commitment. Helping others do the same is her passion.
Tracy is the author of several books. Her latest book is: Stained Glass Spirit: Becoming a Spiritual Community Where Oneness Does Not Require Sameness and her book, I Turn to Prayer is a collection of prayers written in a variety of formats.
“We All Live Downstream”
Sunday, August 7, 2022
11am CT, Rev. Lari Goold, Guest Speaker
Hybrid Service (online and in-person)
You’ve probably heard, “The sins of the father are passed down to the son.” I prefer to think that the humility, love and compassion are passed down to those I leave behind. What kind of legacy are you leaving behind? I believe we all have an innate desire to bring forth the Christ consciousness that resides within us; and it is our opportunity to exemplify that consciousness so that it might be passed onto our future generations.
Unity of Arlington
2022 Board of Trustees
Back row (L to R): Lori Foster, Catherine Smith, Julie West, Dr. Aminia Baruti
Front row (L to R): Mary Muessle, Brenda Snay Matthew, Rev. Anne Tabor, Shirley Cobb
Unity of Arlington
Board of Trustees
Catherine Smith - President (817-929-1368) -
Lori Foster - Vice President (817-235-4303) -
Shirley Cobb - Secretary (817-475-5120) -
Brenda Snay Matthew -Treasurer (214-923-9522)
Aminia Baruti - Member (313-912-7763) -
Mary Muessle - Member (301-529-6843) -
Julie West - Member (469-569-0446) -
*If you have any questions or comments
please reach out to connect with a Board member.
We Are A Tithing Spiritual Community
In June Unity of Arlington tithed a total of 10% to:
  • Unity World Headquarters
  • Unity Worldwide Ministries
  • Karl Anthony
  • Tarrant County Food Bank
  • Silent Unity
  • World Central Kitchen (earmarked for Ukraine)
For more information on Unity World Headquarters, click here.
For more information on Unity Worldwide Ministries, click here.
For more information on Karl Anthony, click here.
For more information on Tarrant County Food Bank, click here.
For more information on Silent Unity, click here.
For more information on World Central Kitchen, click here.
Treasurer's Report as of 6/30/2022
Gross Revenue   $119,605.65
Net Income      -$3,244.77
For more information, please contact Brenda Snay Matthew at:
Opportunities and Upcoming Events
How to Stop Negative Mental Chatter
Negative self-talk can have a powerful impact on our lives. In this excerpt from The Zen Executive: Gems of Wisdom for Enlightened Leadership, author and Unity CEO, Jim Blake, offers practical tips to stop the spiral of critical thoughts.
August 11–14, 2022
This conference will feature the wisdom of some of the greatest spiritual teachers, workshops to inspire and transform you, music to open the heart, and laughter and compassionate service to affirm our spiritual humanity. It will truly be a gathering for the ages, and you’re invited to join us.
Pricing and Registration Information: Visit Tickets on sale through July 28, 2022.
Unity Village offers inclusive, spiritual events, workshops, retreats, and services—open to the public—throughout the year. Click on the event title below to view more information.
October 28–31, 2022
Submit a Prayer Request (Click HERE).
We would love to pray with you.
A Blessing for Children: Healing
It’s challenging when anyone needs healing, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. But it can be even harder to explain spiritual healing concepts to children. This article offers tips to help children thrive, along with special healing prayers for children.
More About
Summer Reading
Unity produces several different types of literature designed for personal growth, study and spiritual encouragement. We offer a wide range of products on a variety of spiritual topics. Whether you are searching for daily spiritual inspiration or deep metaphysical understanding, we have what you are seeking.
A Course in Miracles Study Group
Fridays, 10:00-noon in GLC
Every Friday a group of people get together in the Garden Lane Center to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Led by June Alexander, the group begins each session with a daily devotional, studies from the text, and then uses the workbook to learn how to put what they have studied into practice.
If you are interested in joining this study group, contact June at 817-572-2532.
To purchase A Course in Miracles on AmazonSmile, click
Watch last Sunday's service:
Part 3 - Overcoming the Big Three: Fear ~ Doubt ~ Worry
“Taming Your Inner
July 24, 2022
Rev. Anne Tabor
"Put A Myrtle On It!" - Ep. 45 Rev. Anne Tabor
Unity Prayer Service: July 2022
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Covid Quarantine and Isolation Calculator
With community level ratings for Covid-19 rated at high for this area, controlling the spread is key to keeping people safe. The CDC has a tool to help determine how long you need to isolate, quarantine, or take other steps to prevent spreading the virus. It is easy to use! Check it out.
Archived Sunday
Messages and Meditations
Have you missed any of Rev. Anne's Sunday messages or meditations? Or, would you like to hear one again? You can! They are archived on our website,, under the heading "Sunday Messages." You can also find our Facebook Live Sunday Services archived on our Unity of Arlington Facebook page, as well as on our YouTube channel.
Reverend Anne Tabor, M.Div., is available by appointment for spiritual counseling sessions at Unity of Arlington in a safe and supportive environment. As an ordained Unity minister, Rev. Anne, offers spiritual counseling to individuals seeking a deeper under-standing of themselves and their divine power within to solve life's challenges. Spiritual counseling can help if there is a need for inspiration, crisis support, or healing in any area of your life. Prayer and meditation are an integral part of Unity's spiritual principles, and an essential practice in realizing the answers we seek. We believe in the transformative power of affirmative prayer. You are a unique expression of God. Spiritual counseling will remind you of that!
Spiritual counseling is offered on a love offering basis. While no specific fee is expected or suggested, we do invite each person to leave a love offering. For more details, please call the church office 817-467-5151.
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We create Unity by being Love in action.
Your generosity is always greatly appreciated. We are grateful for your loving commitment to sustaining our spiritual community whether or not services and classes are taking place in-person, on Zoom, or Facebook Live.
Ways that you can continue to support Unity of Arlington through tithes, donations and love offerings are:
  • Text-to-Give through Tithely by texting the word GIVE (with no quotes) to 844-363-7894 and follow the prompts on your phone.
  • Give using the Tithely Mobile App, just download the GREEN Tithely app (not the blue one) from your app store.
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Thank you, God!
Phone: 817-467-5151
*Facebook Live and YouTube
To read today's DAILY WORD,
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Principle #1:
There is only one Presence and one Power in the Universe and in my life, God the Good.
Principle #2:
Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within.
Their essence is of God, and therefore they are also inherently good. 
Principle #3:
Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking.
Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.
Principle #4:
Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good.
Principle #5:
Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough.
A person must live the truth he or she knows.
Centered in the awareness of God's presence, we turn within for divine guidance in all we do.
Love is our True Nature. We express the harmonizing power of love to see good everywhere and in everybody. Love binds together the whole human family.
We believe that all people are created with sacred worth. In a spirit of Unity, we embrace each person as an expression of God grounded in truth and love.
We live, love, and laugh from our Oneness with God. We honor our inter-connectedness with each other, with all life, and the earth.
God is our Infinite Source of Good. We gratefully demonstrate prosperity in all areas of our lives. We wisely use our wealth of resources to serve our spiritual community and the world.
We cultivate enlightened leadership by practicing the teachings of Jesus the Christ through sacred service. It is a blessing to serve locally and globally.
We consciously choose to practice living our Core Values and Unity Principles rather than simply professing them. We choose to communicate from the heart with authenticity and deliver on our commitments with reliability.
Street Address:
3525 S. Bowen Rd.
Arlington, TX 76016
Phone: 817.467.5151