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SpiritGroups is our small group ministry. You do not have to be a member to attend. The next session will be mid September, we'd love to have you join us. If your question is not answered below please call Glenda Thompson 817-584-3106, Program Leader


1.  Why join a SpiritGroup?

2.  What should I expect after I've signed up?

3.  When do SpiritGroups begin and end?

4.  How often do the groups meet?

5.  Where will my group be meeting?

6.  Is there childcare?

7.  Can I sign up for SpiritGroups any time during the session?

8.  Will the same SpiritGroups be offered each session?

9.  How will I know which group is right for me?


1.      Why join a SpiritGroup?

  • It provides a place for deeper connection with people.  It's a great place to make friends.
  • Grow and learn together
  • Impact your community 
  • Have fun and hang out with friends

2.      What should I expect after I've signed up?

         The first meeting is an opportunity to explore the group and meet the other group participants.  If you decide this is the group for you, you will be asked to join the group              and attend regularly. If this is not the group for you, you may explore options with other groups.

3.      When do SpiritGroups begin and end?

          A SpiritGroup lasts for one session (10 weeks) in the fall (beginning mid September), winter (beginning February), summer (beginning June) 

4.       How often do groups meet?

         SpiritGroups meet weekly.

5.       Where will my group be meeting? 

          Usually in the Leader’s home. You will be notified if it is at another location.

6.       Is there childcare?

          Each group makes their own decisions concerning childcare.  Some groups may welcome children.

7.       Can I sign up any time during the session? 

          There will be three weeks of sign up opportunities prior to the launch of the session. Some groups choose to be closed during the session.  Some are open to visitors.

8.       Will the same SpiritGroups be offered each session?

          Groups sometimes change from one session to the other, but all groups offer an approved curriculum for study each session.

9.       How will I know which group is right for me?

          Attend our SpiritGroups Sunday to meet the Group Leaders and find out what curriculum will be studied.  Ask questions and attend the meeting launch of the group you choose.


For more information, contact Glenda Thompson at glenda.thompson74@att.net.

For SpiritGroups.org click here.