Put a Myrtle On It!

Put a Myrtle On it Inspiration Unity Teachings Podcast

Looking for some spiritual inspiration?

"Put A Myrtle On It!"

The place to be for a little Myrtle, a little prayer, and a little song.

PAMOI #1When Reverend Anne Tabor was in seminary, she coined the phrase "Put A Myrtle On It!" in honor of Unity Co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, and the healing she experienced in the late 1800s. It was Myrtle's affirmative prayer practice that inspired the creation of this powerful program to explore her metaphysical advise--with grace, humor, and no-nonsense wisdom. As you will hear Rev. Anne say, "It works if you work it!"

"A period of quiet and rest each day is your opportunity to establish yourself at the center of your being, the one place where the supply of life and substance is inexhaustible. God is the eternal life that we make into living. Each day you should have a period of stillness when the soul may gather sustaining power and restoring life."

~Myrtle Fillmore, Healing Letters

Join Rev. Anne, Fridays at 12 noon, CT, for the perfect dose of positive spiritual inspiration. This half-hour service includes teachings from Myrtle Fillmore, a lengthy prayer & meditation, and a fun little ditty about healing that anybody can sing!

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